Data Sets and Videos for Four Bad Habits Paper

Bad Habit #1: Inference Conflation


Bad Habit #2: Anemic Modeling

The first OOM file below reports the raw data without any computed orderings. The second OOM file reports the raw data along with all of the computed orderings. The steps taken to compute the orderings are shown in the videos below.

The first video below demonstrates exactly how the data are coded and labeled. The second and third videos show how the main analyses were conducted in OOM. Please beware: these videos are not meant to be explanatory or pedagogical. They are point-and-click videos that show exactly how we arrived at the PCC values in the Bad Habits paper. If you wish to watch instructional videos, please visit the Instructional Videos link.


Bad Habit #3: Much Ado About Nothing

The data for this bad habit were not analyze in OOM.


Bad Habit #4:  Measurement and Washing Brains