In order to more effectively communicate the ideas and methods behind Observation Oriented Modeling, I have created this new webpage. Here, I will be posting videos, software reports, published papers, presentations, new ideas, and just about anything else relevant to OOM I can find. I am also considering putting together a blog in which I will demonstrate and discuss OOM and related topics pertinent to person-centered methods, research methods, modeling, and psychological statistics.

Three good places to start, however, on this webpage are:
    1. The OOM software talk given by myself and Lisa Cota (linked left)
    2. The Innovative Teaching paper and Videos linked to the left
    3. The Grice et al. paper from 2012 linked to the left

The videos linked to the right are also highly useful, but they are dated and need to be updated. These videos demonstrate Version 1 of the software, and the content of the videos reflects my thinking and terminology from several years ago. Like any scholarly endeavor, my thinking is evolving and hopefully becoming truer to Nature. I am hopeful that as others join in exploring alternative methods for psychology and the other life sciences more powerful and accurate techniques will develop and novel ways of constructing and testing models will emerge.

As for the software, the best place to start is by downloading it for free and giving it a go! You can import files from SPSS and Excel, so you should be able to get started on existing data sets rather quickly. One of the rewarding aspects of working with the OOM software is that you never lose sight of your data in a morass of statistical output and jargon. It just takes a little getting used to, but then you should be off and running!

James W. Grice, Ph.D., March 16th, 2014
Oklahoma State University