Ordinal Analysis - Concatenated Orderings

Generic Question: Is there a meaningful difference between dependent observations on a set of orderings (variables)?

Data Type: Two or more quantitative orderings (variables) with identical scaling. Repeated measures / within-subjects / dependent observations

: The ordinal pattern in a given set of orderings (e.g., A < B;  A < B < C; [A = B] > C)

Traditional analogs
: Dependent samples t-test, repeated measures ANOVA, sign test, and Wilcoxon signed-rank test

: This analysis can be used when you wish to analyze observations made over time on the same persons or entities (e.g., analyze changes in attitude over time), or when you wish to analyze multiple observations made on persons or entities on one occasion (e.g., analyze ordinal patterns of personality traits). The observations for this analysis are assumed to be quantitative in nature. For instance, successive foraging times (measured in minutes) for honeybees over the course of a day might be recorded and analyzed for increasing or decreasing times, or the relative personality trait scores (all assessed with the same possible range of values) of individuals can be examined for ordinal patterns. This analysis can therefore be used instead of a dependent samples t-test or a repeated-measures ANOVA. With regard to classic non-parametric statistical tests, this analysis is most similar to the sign test or to the Wilcoxon signed-rank test for dependent samples.

Software Access: The Ordinal Analysis -- Concatenated Orderings procedure can be found by selecting "Analyses --> Ordinal Analysis --> Concatenated Orderings" from the Main Menu. The procedure window appears as:

Videos and Files: The following videos and files describe the procedure and its various options. Be sure to set the video quality to High Definition (1080p) if the browser does not automatically do so. If you wish to follow along with the analyses on your own computer, download and open the data set(s) linked at the bottom of this page. 

Reporting Results