Ordinal Analysis - Crossed Orderings

Generic Question: Is there a meaningful difference between two independent groups on an ordering (variable)?

Data Type: One quantitative outcome ordering (variable), and at least one categorical grouping ordering. Between-subjects / between-groups / independent observations

: Ordinal (e.g., Group1 < Group2;  Group1 < Group2 < Group3 on the outcome ordering)

Traditional analogs
: Independent samples t-test, between-subjects ANOVA, Mann-Whitney U test

Summary: This analysis can be used when you wish to compare two or more groups of persons on a quantitative ordering (variable). For instance, males and females can be compared with regard to their height (a continuous quantity), or Catholics and Protestants can be compared with regard to their number of daily prayers (a discrete, countable quantity). Three or more groups can be compared as well. This analysis can therefore be used instead of an independent samples t-test or a oneway ANOVA. With regard to classic non-parametric statistical tests, this analysis is most similar to the Mann-Whitney U test for independent samples.

Software Access: The Ordinal Analysis -- Crossed Orderings procedure can be found by selecting "Analyses --> Ordinal Analysis --> Crossed Orderings" from the Main Menu. The procedure window appears as:

Image of Ordinal Analysis - Crossed Orderings Window

Videos and Files: The following videos and files describe the procedure and its various options. Be sure to set the video quality to High Definition (1080p) if the browser does not automatically do so. If you wish to follow along with the analyses on your own computer, download and open the data set(s) linked at the bottom of this page. 

Reporting Results